Celebrating Health

Healthy smiles are beautiful smiles. And a healthy smile can also help ensure that you have a healthy body. It’s true! All kinds of research continues to verify a link between oral disease and life-threatening systemic conditions.

We believe in early detection – catching trouble before it worsens – and metal-free restorative methods to repair and prevent problems as they arise. Most importantly, we don’t just fix problems as they develop; we prevent them before they even get started.

We never offer you a temporary fix that will bring you back for further repair. Though treatments are often completed quickly, your dentistry is individually designed and engineered for strength, longevity, and a perfectly natural look. It’s better for your teeth and better for your body.

It’s All About You

Healthy care starts with personalized care. We take plenty of time to talk with you and understand your particular needs. We’ll never rush you or make you feel that we aren’t listening. We want to know all about you, your health, and your desires so that we can meet your every need with a custom designed treatment plan.

We try not to refer your care to anyone else, preferring to keep every procedure convenient and consistent. And because your comfort is important to us too, we offer all treatments in our convenient, state-of-the-art office with floor-to-ceiling windows, XM satellite radio and a blanket if you would like.

We also believe that our patients should be knowledgeable about what is going on in their mouths, so we carefully explain every aspect of your care. Education is good for your health, too!

Come visit us at Parker City Family Dental and see just how personal and pleasant our dental care can be!